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How long are your lead times for a dealer order?
Dealer orders tend to be anywhere from 50-100 holsters. These orders take us about 1 week to complete. If the lead time is longer than this, we will ship to our customers the items in stock, and then back order the rest until they become available.
Does K Rounds drop ship directly to our customers?
K Rounds offers drop shipping directly to customers for $7.00 flat rate for USPS Priority mail. 
What kind of terms or credit does K Rounds offer their dealer network?
K Rounds currently offers NET 30 terms subject to approval of Credit history. All opening orders are to be paid before shipment, and all orders that follow would be adjusted to NET 30 terms upon approval.
What is K Round's minimum buy in?
K Rounds does not have a minimum buy in. Instead, we offer our dealers a two tier system for pricing. Dealers will all be given 30% discounts on orders that are under $2499.99. Once a dealer has accumulated $2500.00 in orders total (this can be in any given amount of time) they will be bumped up to a 40% discount.
I have had problems with holsters sitting on my shelf, does K Rounds exchange inventory?
Absolutely! We accept inventory exchanges 2 times a year. We want our dealers to move product, so that we can move product. Different regions will sell different holster. So what might not sell in your shop, may sell in a different dealers shop. We do not charge any restocking fee's unless the packaging has been marred, or had stickers added. All holsters are exchanges for future orders of holsters and these items cannot be returned as credit towards a previous balance on the account.
My customer wants to exchange their holster, how do I get K Rounds to help with that?
K Rounds knows that exchanges and warranty issues should not be a headache for our dealers. So if a customer has any issues in regards to an exchange or warranty issue, send them our way and we will take care of them! The only thing that our dealers would have to take care of is a return, which would fall under the return program offered by that particular dealer.
Corporate Headquarters:
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Tel: (206) 452-0466
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K Rounds is always looking to expand our dealer network. For information regarding becoming a dealer please fill out the form below and a sales representative will contact you shortly.