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Will Kydex scratch my firearm?

Not all Kydex is made the same, We use only a 100% virgin plastic that is real Kydex. We use Kydex 100 because it has no glass fillers, and no recycled materials. We use this material because it has a lower Rockwell hardness than a firearm. This will cause the holster to wear before the firearm.There are many tiers of thermoplastics with different amounts of recycled materials in them, the more recycled material, the higher the Rockwell hardness. This will cause excessive wear on a firearm, and is the exact reason we only use virgin plastic.

If I have a holster that is made for my firearm and a light, can I use the holster without the light on my firearm?

Our holsters are made specifically for the firearm, or firearm/light combination and in most cases cannot be used without the light attached. This is because the light creates a void where there is nothing that retains the trigger guard area. The firearm would be "loose" inside of the holster, and would fall out because of the loss of retention.

I have a threaded barrel, or laser grips that hinders my firearm from holstering properly. Can I cut or mold my holster to accommodate this feature?

Additions to firearms are pretty common and may hinder the use of a Kydex holster. A threaded barrel for example would not be accepted into a holster that is not made for a threaded barrel. We suggest sending the holster back to us in order for us to make an accommodation for this type of attachment or addition. We would be able to mold the holster and you would be able to keep your warranty intact. Any alterations made outsied of K Rounds will void the warranty of the holster.

Can I use my Kydex holster for any type of firearm?

K Rounds strives to make every single holster as universal as possible. Kydex is molded to be specific to the firearm it is designed for. Some firearms may "fit" into other holsters, but we do not recommend using a holster for any other firearm than the ones we list. Using the wrong type of holster will cause unnecessary wear and may damage the finish on a firearm.

Do your holsters offer retenion?

Our holsters are currently all considered Level 1 holsters. This means that the when the firearm is holstered, it will "click" into place. To remove the firearm from the holster, 1 motion (the withdrawal) of the firearm will remove it from the holster. We offer a retention screw with all of our holsters in order to give our shooters the option for a more secure ride, or a faster draw.

Does K Rounds make a Level 2 holster?

K Rounds currently makes custom Level 2 holsters. These holsters would have to be called in to order, and are not readily available for purchase.

I don't feel like my holster is as concealable as it should be, is there anything I can do?

Most people do not realize the small nuances that can make a holster stick out like a sore thumb. We tell people to first take a look at the type of belt they are wearing. If the belt is fabric, and not rigid, it will allow the firearm and holster to sag, or pull away from the body. A loose belt can also cause the same problem even if it is reinforced. 

Next, take a look at the positioning of the firearm inside the holster. A holster that rides at the 3 O' Clock position will not be as concealable as the 4-6 O' Clock position. Inbetween 4 and 6, the handle of the firearm is "kicked" in because of the shape of the human body. The extra cushion in the rear tends to kick out the tip of the barrel of the firearm enough that the Magazine Well will slide into the void of the back that your shirt naturally creates when the shirt falls from the shoulder.

Cant plays a large part in concealment as well. An FBI cant will angle the firearm so that the Magazine Well does not print so much.

What is more important; concealment, or a faster draw?

To be honest, it depends completely on you, the shooter. A straight drop will be a faster draw than an FBI cant. When withdrawing the firearm in the Straight Drop cant, the arm is straight with the wrist locked. With an FBI cant, the arm is straight while the wrist is angled. 

A Straight drop will save the fraction of a second to straighten your hand. Most people are using our holsters for self defense, and generally, a more discreet carry option is preferred. When it comes to competition shooting, because concealment is not necessary, the Straight Drop would be more efficient.