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FAQs › Holster Warranty

What’s Covered?


Warranty – K Rounds LLC stands behind all of our products with a lifetime warranty! This warranty guarantee’s that the holster will not crack, or otherwise fail for the life time of the original owner.  All parts for the holster, including attachments are completely covered if they ever break, wear out, or no longer holster the firearm correctly. It’s simple, if it’s fix-able, we will fix it, and if it’s broken, we will replace it.



RETURNS – K Rounds LLC offers a 14 day return policy. If for any reason, within the first 14 days of purchase you are unhappy with your product, you may return it for a full money back return of the purchase price. These items must be in original condition with packaging to get a full refund. Items not in original condition will be charged a restocking fee.



EXCHANGES – K Rounds LLC offers a 90 day exchange policy. If for any reason, within the first 90 days of purchase you are unhappy with your product, you may exchange it for any other model of holster for the SAME firearm. The returned items must be in re-saleable condition, items may be charged a restocking fee depending on condition.



Restocking Fee – K Rounds LLC retains the right to charge a restocking fee on all items that are returned outside of the original packaging, or are not in original condition. The amount of the restocking fee will be based upon the condition of the item being retuned.



Special Orders, Custom Orders, and Non-Stocking Inventory – K Rounds LLC offers more than 150 different types of holsters in stock every-day! There are many more items that are not regularly in stock and must be made to order. K Rounds LLC also makes custom holsters, knife sheaths, and many other Kydex products. Any items that are not in stock every-day are considered Special Orders, and are non-returnable.






What’s Not Covered?


Scratches, Gouges, Cracks – K Rounds LLC does not warranty it’s holsters against scratches that occur in day-to-day usage. Gouges or Cracks that are caused by the improper usage of the holster, this includes but are not limited to: using your holster as a beer bottle opener, or a wheel chock.



Alterations - Any and all alterations made to the holster outside of K Rounds LLC will void the warranty and any applicable return or exchange policy.