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Perfecting Summer Conceal Carry

Here are some quick tips to help you conceal carry this summer. It is going to be hot, and we definitely aren't as bulky without sweat shirts and pants. This makes it much harder to conceal carry, but with these tips, it should become a little bit easier.

1. Layers - Using a tank top as a base layer to strip down to is always a good go-to when paired with a flowing button up shirt. Whether you are a man or a woman, fabric that billows and folds will give you less problems with printing. The picture below shows that even if you are wearing a t-shirt alone, you can still conceal carry two Full-Size firearms. Dress around the gun.

2. Bending - This may sound like I'm giving a seminar on how not to hurt your back, but in reality this will help you to conceal carry. Squatting will allow you to keep your firearm concealed in lighter clothing.

3. Micro or a Sub Compact - Some people have more than one firearm and have the ability to switch back and forth. If this is you, think about switching to a smaller firearm to give yourself a smaller profile. 

4. Single Stack vs. Double Stack - Magazine shape and size can make a very large impact on how your firearm prints. Some disadvantages of a single stack would be a smaller grip. This may make it so that the firearm kicks more depending on the caliber of the round.

5. Loose pants, or Shorts - wearing loose pants or shorts for summer will give you some room to breath, but will also give you the ability to carry Inside of the Waist Band. This generally covers the bottom half of the firearm, and it easily covered with a loose fitting shirt.

6. Caliber - Choosing a caliber that is correct for you is most important. There is a wide debate across the internet on if more firepower is better or not. Some people feel safe having a firearm, no matter the caliber size. There are other's that want the biggest, baddest round they can find. I find myself somewhere in the middle and have picked up defense rounds. They are available in almost any caliber, with many manufacturers, giving you the ability to choose the function that is best for your purpose. (G2 Research's RIP round is shown below)

7. Fidgeting - One thing that catches the eyes of anyone around you, is fidgeting. If your holster is uncomfortable or is printing mroe than you want, hit the bathroom and readjust, Walking around and readjusting only calls more attention to you. If you continually change your positioning, or just can't find something that works, then re-evaluate your holster and which firearm you are carrying.


These simple tips should help with concealing this summer. To all of my readers, just remember that you are the only person that knows what is best for you to carry. What may not have been comfortable for you 1 year ago, may be more comfortable today. Make some changes, and most importantly, don't be afraid to try out new things! 





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