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Concealed Carry Basics

Concealed Carry Basics

How can I make my firearm most concealable?


This is a great question that we often get. Different people will require different guidelines to properly conceal a firearm. Here are some quick tips and trick for how to properly conceal, and what you can do to make for firearm more concealable.

What is an unconcealed firearm?

  • Firearm is carried in a holster that is substantially visible or carried in a case designed for the firearm that is substantially visible.
    • Substantially visible can take on different meanings in different states, but is generally considered a firearm that can be seen from the front, back and side of the shooter that is carrying it.
  • Firearm is locked in a trunk.
  • When the firearm is carried in the field while lawfully engaged in hunting, trapping, or target shooting.
  • When a firearm is unloaded and in a secure wrapper from the place of purchase to the purchaser’s home or business, or when the purchaser takes the firearm to a place of repair, and return to the home or business.

So do I really need to conceal?

The answer to this question is completely up to the person purchasing the firearm. Generally concealed carry is for the protection of the shooter. But here are some things that you should check out before deciding that you are going to conceal carry.

  • Does your state allow concealed carry?
    • Some states allow conceal carry by permit only
    • Some states allow open carry
  • Which firearm should you buy?
    • The general rule is the smaller the firearm, the easier it is to conceal. However, larger frame firearms can be concealable as well, it will just take some practice to make it as concealable as possible.
  • Should I pick Inside of the Waistband, or Outside?
    • Inside of the Waistband will give the most concealment.
    • Outside of the waistband will not be as concealable, but will be more comfortable for the shooter.
  • Do you know where you can and cannot carry?
    • This varies by state, but most of the following areas are considered do not carry around the state:
      • Schools
      • Bars
      • Government Buildings
      • The U.S. Post Office



Most Concealable
  • Cant Selection – The FBI cant will make the firearm magazine well move into the void in the back that the shirt naturally creates when falling from your shoulders.
  • Dress around the firearm- clothing that is loose will give you a better ability to conceal your firearm.
  • Wear at the 4-6 O’clock Position – This position is closer to the backside of the shooter, the bottom of the firearm will be pushed out slightly by the natural shape of the back side of the shooter, pushing the magazine well into the void that your shirt makes when it naturally falls from your shoulders
  • Wear a re-enforced belt – Sturdy belts give a sturdy platform for the holster to ride, and make the firearm snug up to the body. Loose, or flimsy belts will allow the firearm to “fall away” from the shooter.
  • Use your belt loops for stability – Belt loops will help to maintain the ride height of the belt on the shooter. Have a belt loops on either side of the firearm, or even in-between belt loops if there are two loops on the holster will give stability.


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