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Camping Tips even the pros should check out

Camping season is finally upon us, and I am super excited! Something about being outside, and having zero cell phone reception is very appealing! Everytime I go camping, I always feel like I forget something, or that if I had planned I could have made the trip easier. So here it is, some tips to help you camp like a pro!

1. This is something I just recently stumbled upon, and I have to say I will never go back to kindling. I always buy the match light brand because its quick to light and a handful catches on fire pretty quick. Even with all the snow this last year, I was able to start a fire in under 5 minutes with this little trick.

2. Next is making your tent nice and cozy. I always pop out of bed the first day and am surprised by how cold the ground is as soon as I come out from underneath my nice and cozy warm blankets. With these foam mats you no longer have to worry about it! It is also great if you are on rocks and don;t want to worry about possible popping your air mattress.

3. Keeping clean is a luxury when camping, but with this nifty set up you wont have to break the bank in order to do it. You can grab any water dispenser (if you are in dire need, a washed out laundry detergent container will work, just make sure the container is not used for drinking water) and a bottle of soap and you are ready to go! 

4. Don't have room for those extra rolls of tape, or 550 cord? No problem! Wrap whatever material it is around your water bottle and save space! This is also a good idea if you need quick access without having to try and hunt down your roll in all of your gear.

5. You might be sneaking some cooling racks out of the kitchen for this next one. These are available at the dollar store if you don;t have any at home, but using these grates is great for making a barrier between the ice and your food that you don't want soggy. 

6. Spices are a small little add on that wont make or break a camping trip, but will add a little zest to your cooking. These tic tac containers aren't exactly water proof, but throwing one with some Mrs. Dash into your bag wont hurt!

7. Tired of worrying about your eggs cracking? Well, the good news is you are not alone. This simple little trick will make it so you can bring any amount of eggs you want, and your container can be as minimal as you want. 

8. Alright, it is the end of the night, you are laying in bed and you realize you have no idea where you set down your bottled water before bed. Not a problem! Attach your headlamp to a jug of water and you will get a nice ambient light. No more blinding yourself with a light that is just too bright for such a small area.

9. I do not like the smell of bug spray, and this alternative is great for those of us who don't. Just rub a little bit of this stuff on your arms, ankles, and chest and you are set to go! No more mosquitos, or unnecessary bug bites.


10. Oh no! If you forgot the Vicks, and can't stop itching from all of your bug bites, not to fear, Orajel is here. I know it sounds a bit odd, but the numbing Orajel provides is great for bug bites.




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