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K Rounds Kydex Holsters and Shooting Accessories

 15 Day Return Policy, 90 Day Exchange Policy

We know you will love our 100% Kydex holsters. We are so confident in it, that we offer a 15 Day Risk Free trial. If you are not 100% in love with your holster, you can return it full a full refund, or we can exchange it out for another product that is more suitable to your needs.


Adjustable Retention

All of our holsters come with an Adjustable retention. Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey!

Unlike Leather or hybrid holsters, Kydex does not lose it's retention over time. We give an adjustable retention so that you can have your holster tighter for a  more secure ride or looser if you need a faster draw.



To start, we are located in Washington and rain is almost always over head. Leather will begin to lose it's shape and will retain water. Just the retention of water alone can harm a firearm. Not to mention that once a holster loses its shape, it will begin to wear on parts of the firearm.
Kydex will not lose it's shape because of any type of water or liquid.
It does not matter if it is water, sweat, gatorade, or soda. You can wipe off the holster and be back on your way again!


Kydex 100 is the only plastic we use on our holsters for a reason, to minimize wear. 
With no glass fillers, and no recycled material, the virgin plastic is a perfect casing for your firearm. Our competitors use reground plastic which has other materials besides plastic in it.
With Boeing and Automobile Manufacturers using this same plastic, metal shavings and other types of materials can make its way into the recycled material. That recycled material is then melted down to make the next run of Kydex which includes those metal shavings or other materials, and that is no good.
Our virgin Kydex 100 plastic has a lower Rockwell hardness than your firearm, so the holster will receive wear before the firearm does.


What good is an item that is supposed to last a lifetime if it doesn't have the warranty to match?
All of our holsters, and custom work come with a lifetime warranty. 
How can we offer this warranty you ask? While using only Kydex 100, we know we are using a material we can stand by for literally a lifetime. If it breaks, or doesn't fit right, just send it on back to us. 
It's super simple, if it is fixable, we will fix it. If its not, we will replace it with a brand new one. That is for the lifetime that you own the holster. Please check out our warranty section, because there are certain things that could make your holster fall out of warranty.