At K•ROUNDS we offer the basics…delivery, quality and affordability, built on a foundation of respect and integrity.

Our premium KYDEX® holsters and accessories are handmade in Tukwila, WA. Each piece of equipment that proudly bears the K•ROUNDS name is shaped and molded by a master holster craftsman, skilled in the trade. Our quality reflects the passion for performance that we as shooting enthusiasts share.

All of our products have a limited lifetime warranty. We offer this type of warranty because we don’t cut corners. Only the highest grades of materials are used, from the KYDEX® itself to the screws. Our holsters are designed to provide a lifetime of comfort and performance.


Our OWB Kydex® holsters come in 2 styles the OWB Pancake and the Competition Belt Holster


Ideal for OWB concealed carry, thisKydex® holster uses an angled belt loop system to keep it tight with your body. This holster is designed for wear under a shirt or jacket or open carry and fits exceptional with larger framed weapons.Available in three cant variations.Light or laser bearing pancake holsters may be created in the custom shop.IDPA legal, this system is suited for every day carry and range use.


Our competition belt holster has been engineered from the ground up for the IDPA shooter. Made from a single piece of Kydex®, this holster features a speed cut away that allows the barrel of your weapon to clear the belt line quickly and easily. This holster can be constructed with a “drop and offset,” to add to your range performance. Designed for speed and agility, this holster couples well with our Competition Magazine Pouches. This holster features our dual adjustable retention system, and can be tightened or loosened to provide your desired draw.


Our IWB Kydex® holsters come in 3 styles the Traditional, Tuckable and Appendix Carry Holsters.


Designed for concealment carry, our IWB Kydex® holster is worn inside the waistband. Equipped with our adjustable pistol retention, our Traditional IWB holster offers all the security of the Pancake holster, and still remains IDPA legal. Thisholster is equipped with Pull the Dot one directional snaps, and available with our nearly durablesoftbelt loops.


With deep concealment carry in mind, this holster system allows for a shirt to be tucked in over the weapon. Fitted with our adjustable retention this holster offers outstanding concealability and comfort. A fantastic choice for compact and sub-compact pistols, this system provides the wearer with the ability to completely cover his or her firearm. The innovative loop system featured on this holster is engineered for ease of use, and centers around a simple yet rugged attachment point.


Designed for ultra-deep concealment, our appendix holster is built with the shooter in mind. This holster is able to be removed completely from the waistline without unfastening the snap from the belt. This is done to prevent a shooter from having to holster a hot weapon without the trigger being covered. Equipped with our adjustable retention and made from a single piece of Kydex®, this system has been built to last a lifetime.


We offer two styles of Kydex® magazine pouches, Concealment and Competition style carriers.

Concealment Single & Double Magazine Pouches

This mag carrier is built on a wide body contouring radius making it concealable and comfortable at the same time. The double magazine pouch is equipped with a fully adjustable tension screw. The belt loops have been evenly spaced to give a tight well balanced feel to the pouch.

Competition Single & Double Kydex® Magazine Pouches

This competition style Kydex® mag pouches are designed to be carried open carry, range or for IDPA competition. The hand molded belt loops are contoured to the human body and are manufactured with the same 3/4“ belt slot as the competition bet holster. This will allow you to run a keeper down the center of your belt loop holding your mags in place.

Hands down the most comfortable and easiest concealed owb holster I've used to date. And it's very reasonably priced! All my shooter buddies and clients, I give K Rounds holsters my seal of approval.
T. T.